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Mark Alan

Massage Therapy

Sarasota, fl


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Integrated Ortho-Neuromuscular


designed so client remains clothed during session. Integrated Ortho-Neuromuscular Method incorporates Neuromyofascial stretching, Trigger Point release Therapy and applied kinesiology  with elements of Chinese Medical Theory in order to assess and  address chronic and acute pain and postural imbalances, resulting in release of  tension, increased flexibility, circulation and  range of motion, Pain relief, postural correction  and full body relaxation.   

Therapy session rates

60 minutes $100

90 minutes $140

Chair Massage

Corporate & Event only

20 minutes

$25 per person


Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body

Mark Alan Massage Therapy

Sarasota, fl

Mark A Campellone LMT# MA90399

AMTA Member & Insured

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